Please note we now offer Walk On Low Impact for Ages 10+ 7 days a week!

Welcome to Boston Paintball Ashland We are open 7 days a week and offer a variety of options for players ages 8+ If you're planning a Birthday Party, Jack & Jill Party, Office or School outing or just have a few friends looking to do something fun - there are many ways to get you on the field in no time!


Reservations are easily made online only, but we are more than happy to help walk you through the process so please give us a call!

Weekday Office Hours are 12pm - 8pm

Weekend Office Hours are 10am - 8pm

Ashland: 508.879.6621

Chelsea: 617.941.0123

Maynard: 978.263.1277


Below you will find the pricing for the Ashland location. Players may bring back any current style, unused field paint. We are a FIELD PAINT ONLY facility which means you may only use the paint we sell at our Registration Window to play on our fields. 

There are:

  • Individual rental rates (Apply to Walk On Play, Standard Reservations)
  • Self equipped player walk on rates
  • Discounted prepaid private group rates for Paintball, Low Impact and Splatmaster
  • Weekday Special Rates For Paintball (Non Vacation / Holiday) 

Per Person Pricing: (Walk In or Standard Reservation Pricing)

Rental Pricing: Individuals

Self Equipped Player Pricing

Paintball Pricing Ages 10+

GROUP RATE: Up To 10 Players / Private Games

GROUP RATE: Up To 15 Players / Private Games

GROUP RATE: Up To 25 Players / Private Games

Splatmaster Pricing - Ages 8+

GROUP RATE: Up To 10 Players / Private Games / SPLATMASTER

GROUP RATE: Up To 15 Players / Private Games / SPLATMASTER