How To Reserve Ashland:

Choose the Date and Session you are looking to book, usually a time will not show unless it is still available.  The next page will take your information and then you will be taken to PayPal.  You do NOT have to have PayPal account to process your payment - there is a GUEST option.  You will receive 2 emails following payment - the first will be a conformation that payment was received - the second will be final confirmation for the date and time you chose along with some information and reminders.  If you do not see a second email within 24 hours please give us a call! If you are trying to book inside of 48 hours (or same day) Please Call Us 508.879.6621

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Ages 8+

  • Players will use a spring-loaded pump gun
  • Gun holds only 15 paintballs
  • Velocity is cut in half (instead of 280 feet per second they are 140 feet per second)
  • Use a smaller paintball (Instead of .68 caliber these are .50 caliber)

If some of your players have already played paintball, are 10 years old or older and enjoyed the regular version - they will most likely prefer to play that instead.  This is a low-impact version that uses plastic 15 round pump guns to allow younger players or a wider range of players (families, mixed boys & girls etc) to get in on "paintball" - it is a step up from laser tag that offers the excitement of an actual splatter!

The group package covers:

  • entrance & equipment for up to 15 players
  • 3 large pizzas & 3 two liters of soda
  • unlimited paintballs for the duration of your session.  Players MUST be at least 8 years old to play!

This type of reservation must be booked and paid in full at least 48 hours in advance - Splatmaster Play is always by Reservation Only. 

This type of Reservation is also NON-REFUNDABLE please read the Terms and Conditions!

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